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JavaScript keeps growing and growing, opening doors for new
“to be tech geeks” in the market as it’s one of the easiest languages to start. (is it really?)

It’s true that JavaScript can do a lot of blazing things! and there is just so much to learn.

And whether you’re new to JavaScript or more of a professional developer it’s always good to learn something new.

I’m gonna go over some really helpful one-liners (20 + Bonus) that can help you boost your productivity and can help in debugging code.

What is a one-liner actually?

Nodejs Microservices Arcitechure
Nodejs Microservices Arcitechure
NodeJS Microservices Architecture

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Why use Node.js for Microservices?

Node.js is gaining popularity because of its remarkable features,

Handling multiple I/O (input/output) requests in a non-blocking way (event-driven non-blocking I/O), which helps in performance enhancement and scalability.

What is a microservice architecture?

Microservices refer to the software design pattern, to disintegrate big apps into a collection of smaller and simpler apps.

Individually, the apps could be testable, maintainable, as well as deployable.


React is everywhere…

Before I tell you Why I Chose React — First Let’s see some things which you should already know!

Let’s dive in.

If you are new to the web-side (or programming side to be exact) you might have heard people talking about React or ReactJS and you are like:

What the heck is this thing…

Well well well, no worries — we will see what it is!

You might know there are two sides to the web.

  1. Server-Side (Back-End)

What are they?

First, this is an example of DOM

The DOM is actually the object-based abstraction of your code which is being shown on the page!

DOM (Real/Browser DOM)

DOM takes all the HTML elements and wraps them in an object with a tree-structure — like the above image. This provides an API that allows us to directly target any specific node (HTML element) and do what we want like adding more child/parent nodes, removing, editing its content, and blah blah blah...

Virtual DOM

On the other hand, Virtual DOM is an abstraction of your Real DOM but it’s pretty light-weight than the Real DOM — It…

Let’s meet SPA and MPA real quick!

You remember this cassette we used to listen to our favorite songs? But it has some fixed number of songs — and in order to listen to other songs, we had to remove the cassette from the player and insert a new one.

But now, we have smartphones, Flash Memory Cards, HDDs, SDDs, and many thing where we can store 100s and 1000s of songs in one place and listen to them without the hassle of removing and entering them again and again…

So the question today is “What is PWA (Progressive Web App)?”

You could say that your Website and your Native App got married and they had a baby — That baby is PWA (Progressive Web App)

Basically, it’s still your website but it has some features like a native app

Like, the very first feature is:

Your whole website can be available offline like native apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). They work offline even if you are not connected to the network!

In the same way, your PWA is available offline!

How is it available offline? …

Progressive web apps seem to be the latest buzzword, but what does it mean?

And in this post, you’ll learn what a progressive web app is, why it matters, and how you can build one.

In this first post, I’ll cover the key concepts of a progressive web app and how you can get started.

So let’s jump in

Web development has changed a lot over the years. …

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